5 reasons why Café Del Mar Malta has the best infinity pool

By September 30, 2018News

It is no secret that there is something pretty awesome about an infinity pools. Not only are infinity pools impressive, luxurious and stylish, they are also relaxing too. Especially when you head to Café Del Mar Malta. Café Del Mar Malta is a popular place for those in Malta to visit and one of the reasons for this is the amazing infinity pool.

But with other infinity pools out there to choose from, what makes the infinty pool at Café Del Mar one of the best out there?

infinity pool maltaThe views

When you first visit our beach club one thing that you are sure to notice is the amazing views that will surround you. Not only whilst you swim around in the pool, but also while you relax and unwind on the amazing sunbeds and our sofas. In fact, when it comes to watching the sun go down, there really is no better view in Malta than that at Café del Mar Malta.

The atmosphere

If there is one thing that many people will say about Café del Mar Malta it is that the atmosphere is out of this world. The setting is key to chill and relax, as this is what makes sure that everyone has a good time. At Café del Mar Malta it gets even better when the sun goes down, as the tunes start to play and everyone has that feel good vibe that only comes at Café del Mar.

Whilst you may not think that furniture is that important, at Café del Mar Malta, even the smallest of touches are recognised as being vital. The sunbeds are made to the highest standard and are not only incredibly stylish and modern, but they feel hugely comfortable too. The furniture is done bespoke from Gandiablasco which all comes together for a coordinated look that is hard to beat.

Things can only improve when you head to the VIP area, not only will you feel like a celebrity in your own right but you will also get to enjoy some of the most exclusive parts of the location.

The cocktail bar

Who doesn’t love a tasty cocktail whilst they take in the amazing views? At Café del Mar Malta there is an extensive cocktail list that you can choose from. Not only does this mean that you can enjoy a variety of amazing flavours, but also that you can try something that you might not otherwise have.

The food  

After all that relaxing by the pool, chances are that you are going to have worked up an appetite, the food at Café del Mar is known to be amongst the best. Not only is it created to the highest standard, but it also uses some of the most amazing flavours and fresh ingredients, all to create a carefully crafted menu.

So, whether you are searching for a place to spend a day by the pool, or a place to spend the evening, then Café del Mar Malta and it’s amazing infinity pool is the place to go.

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