Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open in Winter?

Cafe del Mar is closed during Winter. We’re open around the beginning of May until the beginning of October. La Nave Bistro, our Restaurant next to the Aquarium is open all year round.

What are your opening hours?

For the Pool we are open from 10 am until 7 pm. After 7 pm the venue is free entrance, however the pool will be closed at this time. From 7 pm onwards we are open for drinks in the VIP area, or for Dinner in the Restaurant. The bars are open from 10 am until 12 pm.

Are you open every day?

We are open every day during Summer, unless there’s a function or private event.

What are your prices?

Peak season prices: €20 for Normal sunbeds situated in the Family area, next to the Kids pool. €25 for Cushioned sunbeds situated in the Adult area, next to the Infinity Pool. €40 for VIP sunbeds situated in the VIP area, middle terrace. €100 for Luxury beds situated exactly at the edge of the Infinity pool. €120 for Gazebos situated in the VIP area, upper terrace.

Off-season prices: €15 for Normal sunbeds situated in the Family area, next to the Kids pool. €20 for Cushioned sunbeds situated in the Adult area, next to the Infinity Pool. €30 for VIP sunbeds situated in the VIP area, middle terrace. €80 for Luxury beds situated exactly at the edge of the Infinity pool. €100 for Gazebos situated in the VIP area, upper terrace.

Do you have half days?

We do not have half day rates. Same rates and prices apply until 7 pm.

How long do we have the sunbeds for?

Sunbeds are available from 10 am until 7 pm. You can stay a bit longer on the sunbeds, if we do not have any events in the evening. After 7 pm, some cushioned sunbeds are removed to set up for the Restaurant.

What does the price include?

The price of each includes a sunbed, umbrella, use of the pool, use of indoor/ outdoor showers. Food or drinks are not included in the prices.

Is there an additional entrance fee, apart from the sunbeds?

We do not have an entrance fee; you just have to pay for the sunbeds.

Do you have a minimum spend on sunbeds?

There’s no minimum spend on sunbeds.

Do you have discounts for groups?

We do not offer any packages. Same rates apply.

Do you have any offers/ packages which include food or drinks (All-inclusive)?

For the pool we do not have any packages. The sunbeds have to be paid upon entrance and food or drinks have to be paid separately from the Restaurant or from the bar.

Can we come into the Restaurant, without using the Pool/ sunbeds?

Cafe del Mar is open as a lido from 10 am until 7 pm. Therefore, in order to enter the premises you will need to pay for the sunbeds, since the Restaurant is reserved for pool clients only.

Are all sunbeds provided with shade?

All sunbeds are provided with shade except the front row & fourth row cushioned beds.

Are children allowed in the Lido?

Children are allowed to come in for the Pool and stay in the Family area, next to the Kids Pool. Children under 13 years of age are restricted to use the Kid’s pool and can only reserve the Normal sunbeds, situated in the Family area. Children under 13 cannot make use of the Infinity and cannot stay in the Adult area or VIP area.

Are children allowed during parties or events?

During parties, the venue is strictly 17+ and children are not allowed to come in.

Can we choose the exact location of the sunbeds?

When you make a booking, we do not book the exact location of the sunbeds, unless they are prepaid. It is important to be here by 10/ 10.30 AM for the booking, in order to choose the sunbeds according to your liking.

For more info go to

How can we do a pre payment?

Pre payments of the sunbeds are to be taken at least a day before the booking date. Pre payments are only taken on the premises, at Cafe del Mar during pool hours: between 10 am and 7 pm. The pre payment also entitles the client to choose the exact sunbed he/she wants. Also, pre paying for the beds also implies that the client will have no time restrictions, and thus the clients are not obliged to come by 10.30 AM.

What’s the difference between normal and VIP area?

The VIP area is an elevated area overlooking the crowd, the pool area and the DJ area from upstairs. In this area we also have separate bars and separate toilets.

Can we use the Pool without purchasing sunbeds?

In order to enter the premises from 10 am until 7 pm, you have to purchase a sunbed or pay the entrance fee, if all sunbeds are taken. After 7 pm the venue is free entrance but the pool will be closed.

Do you have memberships for the Pool/ sunbeds?

We do not have any memberships or discount prices for the Pool. Same rates apply.

How can we come to Cafe del Mar?

You can either come by Taxi or by Bus. Our address is Triq it-Trunciera, St Paul’s Bay SPB 1500. By Public transport: from Valletta (45), Sliema (212), Airport (X3), Mdina (186), Mellieha (221).

How deep is the pool?

The Kids pool is 0.3m – 0.6m , while the Infinity is 1.2m – 2m.

Is Cafe del Mar pet friendly?

Cafe del Mar is not pet friendly.

Is your pool saltwater or freshwater?

Our pool is fresh water.

Do you have beach access?

We do not have beach access.

Do you have events this week?

You can check on our calendar of events here

Are Credit cards accepted there?

Yes they are accepted including Visa, Master card and American Express.

Do you have an ATM?

Yes, it is located near the toilets.

Do you provide towels?

Towels are provided with a €5 charge and €10 deposit, which will be given back once the towels are handed back.

Can we bring the luggage with us?

We do not have a storage room where you can store your luggage, however you can still bring them with you and keep them next to the sunbeds.

Do you have lockers available?

We do have lockers available near the toilets. Lockers can be used however one needs to download the application called Paddly Lockers and top up the application on the phone using a credit card. The charge depends on the size of the locker and the duration you use the locker for. The lockers come with a USB charging port, so you can bring your own charger and charge your phone.

Do we have to pay to come for dinner or drinks in the evening?

After 7pm there is no entrance fee to Cafe del Mar because the pool is closed. If we have an event the event ticket price may apply.

Do you have a Kids Menu?

Yes we do. It includes pasta, pizza, nuggets and fries.

What time does the Kitchen open?

The Kitchen is open from 12 pm until 5 pm and re-opens again at 7 pm until 11 pm.

Do you serve breakfast?

We do not serve breakfast.

What does the Pool Menu include?

The pool Menu includes a variety of salads, burgers, pizzas, wraps, chicken and salmon.

Can Sushi be served on the sunbeds?

Sushi cannot be served on the sunbeds.

Do you offer set menus?

We do offer set menus for big groups/ functions. For more info please send an email to

What is the famous red and white cocktail?

Our signature cocktail Shark Attack

What time is the sunset?

The best time to see the sunset is around 19:30 – 20:00 hr

Do you have happy hour?

We do not have happy hour. For drinks only you can come after 7 pm.

Do you have First Aid?

Yes and we have personnel who are licensed first aiders.

Do we accept ONE4ALL vouchers?

Yes they are accepted.

Can we book a Sofa for an event?

All events are different; please send a message to

Can I organise or book events at Cafe del Mar?

Yes, we do organise private events/ functions at our venue. Please send an email to or

Do you have access for all?

Yes we are fully wheelchair accessible.

What type of music do you play during the day?

During the day we have the Cafe del Mar playlist and in the evening there’s a DJ playing every day from 7 pm onwards.

Can we come by boat?

Currently we do not have anywhere to dock a boat, but around 500m to our right there’s a slipway suitable for a dinghy.

Do you do takeaway/ deliveries?

You can do so from our Restaurant next door – La Nave Bistro.

Do you have a bus stop near you?

Yes, we have. The bus stop’s name is Ben.

Do you sell merchandise?

We do not sell any merchandise.

Do you sell Cafe del Mar music CDs?

We do not sell any CDs

How do I apply for a job?

Please send your CV to

Do you have parking?

Yes it does on two levels with approximately 140 parking spaces.

Is the parking free?

Free parking for 1 car when a client spends €50 and over in our premises.

Do you have a Jacuzzi?

We do not have a Jacuzzi.

Is the pool heated?

Our pool is not heated.

Can we bring inflatables inside the pool?

Inflatables are not allowed in the Pool.

Do you do messages?

We do not do messages

Do you do water sports?

No, we do not do water sports

Do you have Wifi?

Yes, we do have free Wifi

Can we charge our phones there?

Yes, you can bring your own charger and charge it in one of our lockers.

Where can we buy tickets for your parties?

If we buy a sunbed in the morning, can we stay for the party?

Yes you can for the party free of charge. If you leave the premises during the day and come back in the evening for the party, you need to pay again.

If we have lunch, can we stay on the sunbeds?

During peak season, the Restaurant is reserved for pool clientele only. Therefore, in order to enter into the Restaurant during lunch time, you need to pay for the sunbeds.

If we have a party ticket for the evening, can we come during the day?

Tickets for the party are only for the evening, after 7 pm. If you want to come during the day, you need to pay extra for the sunbeds. This applies from 10 am until 7 pm.

Is the price of the Aquarium included in the price of the sunbeds?

No, the admission fee for the Aquarium has to be paid separately

What’s the dress code?

We do not have a particular dress code.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is permitted outside only.

Do you have Shisha / Hookah?

We do not have Shisha or Hookah.

Are you part of a resort or a hotel?

We are part of the Malta National Aquarium Complex which includes Malta’s only Aquarium, a bistro, carpark, public square and a bistro however this does not include any hotels or resorts.

Can we bring our own cake?

You can bring your own cake – €15 service charge.

Can we order a cake?

Yes you can. We offer chocolate gateau, vanilla gateau, black forest, tiramisu, chocolate & custard cake, and fruit tart. Each cake costs €25 and we can also do a small writing on it. For bookings please send an email to

Do you serve the same menu at Cafe del Mar and La Nave Bistro?

We have two different a la carte menus but very similar. The Sushi menu is served only at Cafe del Mar.

Is there a lost and found, how can I find it or contact it?

Yes, we do have a lost and found. Everything that is turned in or found at Cafe del Mar is given to our Security in the lost and found department. You can call our venue directly on 22588143 and we will check for you with our security.

Once I am in, can I leave the beach club and re-enter again?

Yes you can, however you need to inform the pool boys on duty as otherwise they will assume that you left and re-sell the sunbeds again.

Do the prices on the menu include VAT?

Yes our prices include VAT (Value Added Tax).

When do the DJs/ Live Musicians play at Cafe del Mar?

It depends on which day you’re coming. Please check for more information.